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My ThumbnailsCarrier furnaces are a proven and top rated leader in the residential furnace and home HVAC market, and they continually partner with leading contractors around the country, to assure high quality installation of oil furnaces, electric and gas furnaces. Year after year, Carrier has continued to enhance technology in their furnaces, assuring consumers the best home furnaces on the market. Carrier furnace prices are very competitive with other high quality brands like Trane, Lennox, Bryant and many other top rated furnace brands in the marketplace.

Average cost of Carrier furnaces listed below, are an example of our knowledge and history working with Carrier products. We also compile heating and air conditioning industry information from other websites, HVAC pros around the USA, price quotes and actual installation prices sent into us from website readers across our websites where we collect, and share the aggregated data.

Updated prices in table January 2019 with updated Carrier Pricing for 2018 – 2019.

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Carrier Furnace Price List by Type

As we try to do on all our furnace pricing pages, we have to set a baseline home, to give you an idea of how the carrier furnace costs listed below, could affect your own situation. To do this, we start with an 80,000 btu furnace with a 3-Ton (1200 cfm) blower, installed to a first floor utility room of a 1600-2000 sf home. This is about as common as it gets, without factoring in additional variables that can add or reduce the cost. Additionally, on homes that also need to replace the central ac unit at the same time, we have chosen a standard efficiency, 14 seer, 3-ton central ac unit, to be installed at the same time of your Carrier furnace.

Complete Heating
& Air Installed
Carrier Gas Furnaces
80% Standard Efficiency Gas Furnace
(Base 80, Comfort 80, Performance 80)
80% AFUE, Variable Speed Blower
(Infinity 80, Performance Boost 80)
90% High Efficiency Gas Furnace
(Base 90, Comfort 92, Performance 93)
95% AFUE and Higher Gas Furnace
(Comfort 95, Performance 96, Infinity 96, Infinity ICS, Infinity 98, Infinity 98 with Greenspeed Intelligence)
Carrier Oil Furnaces
82% AFUE Oil Furnaces
(Comfort 80)
$1,830 $3,445 $6,495
86% & Higher AFUE Oil Furnace
(Comfort OBL/OBM, Performance Var. 80, Performance OVL/OVM)
$2,590 $3,895 $7,210
Carrier Electric Furnaces (Air Handlers, with Heat Strip)
Standard Electric Furnaces
(Comfort Series, Performance Series)
$510 $1,950 $3,990
High Efficiency (Var. Speed) Electric Furnaces
(Infinity Series)
We can’t emphasize the importance of saying the prices above are only general estimates. Each home has it’s own set of unique characteristics that can change the price you pay for your new furnace or complete HVAC system.

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We try to provide information to help you learn more about Carrier furnace pricing for your home. We know we can’t contain everything though, so we have included links to other Internet resources that contain further information about Carrier furnaces.

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Visitor Submitted Replacement Prices

The user submissions listed below are Carrier furnace prices that were submitted by our customers for their own specific install or replacement. The latest furnace prices are listed on the top.

Furnace Type
Type of Service
Charlotte, NC Carrier Infinity Furnace Replacement Furnace & AC Installed
St Louis, MO Carrier Infinity 96 Furnace Only Furnace Installed
Dallas, TX Carrier Comfort Replacement Furnace & AC Installed
Scranton, PA Carrier Performance 92 Furnace Furnace Installed
Lexington, KY Performance 96 Replacement Furnace Installed
Mint Hill, NC Carrier Infinity 96 New System Furnace & AC, tstat, Installed
Sacramento, CA Performance 90 Replacement Furnace, AC, Installed
Addison, TX 58CTA Furnace Replacement Furnace & AC, Installed
New Orleans, LA Infinity 96 Replacement Furnace, AC & Evaporator
Tampa, FL 58STA Comfort Furnace Replacement Furnace, Installation
Des Moines, IA Infinity Furnace Replacement Furnace and Humidifier