Compare New and Replacement Gas Furnace Prices, Repair & Installation Costs

Gas furnaces are one of the most popular, effective, and cost efficient ways to heat your home during the winter months. We’re not making that up, even the US Dept of Energy says so, with gas heat being used in almost 50% of all homes! Regardless of where you live through the USA, as long as you have access to natural gas or propane gas, you can have a highly efficiency and reasonably priced gas furnace installed at your house at an affordable cost.

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In this Furnace Price Guide, we’re going to cover both Natural Gas, and furnaces that have been converted to use LP, or Liquid Propane Gas. We’ll share both wholesale and dealer installed gas furnace prices for the equipment from various top rated brands, as well as what cost you may expect to pay for variables like different sized furnaces, higher efficiency, and of course estimated repair costs. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a section dedicated to user submitted prices, that contain what readers and homeowners like yourself paid for their own furnace replacement cost, or complete HVAC system including an ac unit or heat pump matched to the furnace.

How Much Does a Gas Furnace Cost?

The cost of a new or replacement gas furnace is approximately $1,230 for a basic furnace before installation, and up to $5,400 for a high efficiency gas furnace, installed by a professional. Efficiency, location of the unit, and consumer demand will affect the price you pay. This does not include central ac or any other components.

January 2019 | We updated 2018 and 2019 pricing in all gas furnace tables with new repair costs, installation cost estimates and shared costs, with or without a central air system, from other homeowners.

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Prices Sorted by Gas Furnace Brand or Manufacturer

The brand or manufacturer of gas furnace you decide to purchase for your home will definitely have an effect on both the wholesale cost, and installed gas (or propane) furnace price. Just like any other HVAC product in the consumer market, there are different levels of quality with gas furnaces. That said, a poorly installed, top rated gas furnace is more likely to fail, than a professionally installed, lower rated furnace. Working with a professional HVAC contractor is just as important as choosing the right furnace brand.

While we focus primarily on natural gas, most can be converted to a propane gas for a very small fee. In most cases, it involves replacing the gas valve, the burners, jets, or a combination of the parts. Depending on your furnace, the kits cost in the $25 – $100 range. As you review the pricing tables below, you can adjust the cost to add in the conversion kit, to get the estimated propane furnace price for your needs.

Setting the Average Home Baseline

In order to display average furnace prices from different brands, we need to set a standard baseline. For this example, we’ll use an 80,000 btu gas furnace with 90% AFUE efficiency, and a 3-ton (1200 cfm) fixed speed blower, being installed in a first floor utility closet, basement, or mechanical room. This setup would be common in an average 1600-2000 square foot home. The “Furnace Only” cost is considered the wholesale pricing, and “Approx Installed Cost” is an estimate of the furnace, including installation cost, and no other accessories or a central air unit.

Gas Furnace Brand or Manufacturer
Furnace Only
Approx Installed Cost
Amana $978
American Standard $1,695
Armstrong $1,325 $2,785
Bryant $998
Carrier $1,189 $3,110
Coleman $799 $2,385
Goodman $710 $1,881
Heil $1,512 $3,058
Lennox $1,445 $3,998
Maytag $999 $2,795
Payne $695 $1,865
Rheem/Ruud $1,125 $2,940
Trane $1,305 $3,575
York $805 $2,135
Average Furnace Cost:
$1,235 $2,385


Comparison of Prices Sorted by Gas Furnace Size and the Approximate Area it Heats

When you buy a new gas furnace, it’s very important that you get the properly sized unit for your home. If it’s too big, the furnace will short cycle on and off, you’ll end up with inadequate heating and lower the long-term reliability of the furnace. Too small, and it will run all the time, never properly heating your home and wasting quite a bit of energy.

The only accurate way to get a properly sized gas furnace is to run a heat loss load calculation on your home. You can find do it yourself tools to do it on your own as a reference, or request that your HVAC contractor supply one for you. Many areas of the USA now require an HVAC load test (Called Manual J) to get permits and inspections on new furnace installation.

For the purpose of this price comparison of different size systems, we are basing the costs on standard (80-90% afue) to high efficiency (92-96% afue) furnaces, installed in a home with normal to average difficulty.

Gas Furnace Size, Heats Approx Area
Furnace (Std-High AFUE)
Installed Cost
40,000-60,000 BTU’s, 600-1200 sf $545 – $1,265
$1,975 – $2,810
60,000-80,000 BTU’s, 1000-1600 sf $690 – $1,380
$1,810 – $2,990
80,000-100,000 BTU’s, 1400-2000 sf $880 – $1,858
$2,400 – $3,920
100,000-120,000 BTU’s, 1800-2600 sf $996 – $2,200 $2,760 – $5,120
120,000-140,000 BTU’s, 2400-3400 sf $1,260 – $2,850 $2,950 – $6,675


Cost Comparison of High Efficiency (AFUE) Gas Furnaces VS. Standard Efficiency

If you’ve wondered about the cost difference of a high-efficiency gas furnace versus standard efficiency, the table below will help you understand. When you choose a high efficiency system, you pay more up front but save considerably on your monthly utility costs to heat your home. High efficiency gas furnace prices usually include features like variable speed blowers, multi-stage burners, high tech communication with other hvac system components, and much more. Trane and Carrier are leaders in high efficiency furnace models, check the list of Trane furnace prices to get a better idea of the brand cost.

In addition to the initial cost burden, there are also considerations like different venting and condensation drains that must be taken into account by the installers.If not already equipped to handle it, these could add slightly to the cost of installation.

We have used the same average furnace size and home mentioned above. 80k btu, 1200 cfm blower, average installation difficulty.

Furnace Efficiency Rating (AFUE)
Furnace Only
Furnace Installed
78% – 80% AFUE, Standard Efficiency $450 – $750
90% AFUE, High Efficiency $690 – $1,200
92 – 95% AFUE, Very High Efficiency $850 – $1,650
98% AFUE, Ultra High Efficiency $2,640+ $3,810

Furnace Repair Costs with Estimates of Diagnostic, Part Removal and Installation Time.

Fixing a broken gas furnace is a job best left to a qualified HVAC technician. Once you get past return air filters and the thermostat, you will likely need specialized tools and the correct furnace manuals to understand diagnostic codes and troubleshooting procedures for your specific brand of your furnace.

Most furnace repair companies work from a flat rate repair cost book, or use a factor of parts + labor, to determine the price you pay for the furnace repair. There are good and bad about both pricing methods, and the industry mix is relatively equally split. The gas furnace parts only cost is based on what you could buy the part for yourself, if you were to handle all troubleshooting, track down the part, and complete the repair 100% on your own. The install time is based on the approximate time it would take a professionally trained technician to diagnosis, remove & replace, and confirm the gas furnace being in good working condition. The total cost of parts installed in the third column, includes all parts and labor, including the service call cost.

Note: If your gas furnace is more than 8-10 years old, or the total cost of the service call and your repair is more than $750, you should always ask for a full replacement estimate, and always get a second opinion if you have the ability to do so. If you would like free quotes from qualified local contractors, click here. Partners in our system are qualified, local to you, and ready to provide competitive pricing quotes.

Service or Repair
Parts Only
Install Time (Hrs)
Parts Installed
Service Call Rate $69 – $159
Mechanical Thermostat $35 – $95 1-2
$90 – $395
Electronic Thermostat $39 – $370 1-2
$90 – $575
Electrical Fuse or Breaker $8 – $48 Up to 1 hr
$70 – $280
Gas Shut Off Valve $15 – $45 2-4 hours
$240 – $320
Gas Piping $35 up 1-3 Varies on Types
Electronic Pilot System $30 – $65 1-2
$140 – $270
Hot Surface Ignitor $25 – $75 Up to 1 hour
$125 – $310
Thermocouple (Flame Sensor) $30 – $75 Up to 1 hour
$125 – $310
Electronic Circuit Board $70 – $460 1-2
$250 – $765
Gas Burners $35 – $125 1-3 hours
$130 – $610
Standard Blower Motor $55 – $135 2-4 hours
$475 – $675
Variable or PSC Blower Motor $50 – $275 2-4
$475 – $775
Replacement Heat Exchanger $195 – $475 4-8 hours
$875 – $1,375
Draft Inducer Motor $165 – $395 1-2 hours
$395 – $870
Safety Limit Switch $30 – $40 1-2 hours $125 – $250


Visitor Submitted Gas Furnace & Complete HVAC System Prices

Although the new furnace and repair prices listed on this page are provided from industry price sheets and professional resources, we also rely on feedback and price submissions from our visitors like yourself. If you recently paid for a gas furnace repair, or had a new gas furnace installed at your home, please consider sharing the information with us and future visitors, by completing our short project questionnaire. You personal information is protected and no personally identifying information will be posted on our website.

Brand & Service
Du Bois, PA Trane XV95 Furnace Furnace with Installation
Trane XV95 Installed in December, 2015. An Aprilaire 700 Humidifier was an addition $700.
Chicago, IL Lennox Complete Furnace & AC
Removal of current HVAC. AND Installation 11/17/15-11/19/15. New Lennox furnace 97.4 AFUE, AC 20 SEER, Thermostat iComfort Wi-Fi, with Humidifier.
Conshohocken, PA Lennox ML195 Furnace with Installation
Lennox ML195 (95%), for purchase/install in September. No rebates.
Belle Fourche, SD Heil Furnace Installed
New unit was installed, with duct modifications within 36 hours. Heating season revealed that the 60,000 BTU unit provided was not sufficient to maintain comfortable temperature in 1900 sq ft house.
Annapolis, MD Carrier Infinity 97 Furnace and Installation
Replaced 16-year old Bryant gas furnace with damaged heat exchanger that was still under warranty. Carrier offered a $900 rebate which brought the cost down to $2,997. Installation took 2 technicians one 10-hour day.
Streamwood, IL Lennox Furnace Installed
Installed by Four Seasons HVAC in Chicago. They ran new PVC drilled holes through the brick and over all did a great job. EL296UH090V36A $6060 PAID with CC. It was a very reasonable price from the quotes I got in this area. Very happy. A+ with BBB. I do see the prices on your Web site are way low but that’s way low with the quotes I got here.
Woodbridge VA Trane Furnace Gas Furnace, Thermostat
Our 20 year old Trane 100k btu furnace finally quit. Replaced with 90% furnace and new thermostat.
Ocala, FL Goodman furnace Furnace Replacement
We don’t use heat much but still chose to replace our old electric heater with a gas furnace matched to our central ac system. The entire system furnace, ac and coil, was $4,600.
Not Provided Trane XV95 / 4TRW Furnace & Heat Pump
Replaced older furnace and ac unit with a Trane XV95 gas furnace and a Trane 4TRW 3-ton Heat Pump system.
Atlanta, GA Amana 70X40A Gas Furnace Repair
Condensate drain tube from coil was clogged. Cleaned tube and trap, replaced weak 10 amp blower capacitor, service call fee, environmental fee, and labor for 45 minutes. Unit is 19 years old and the company recommended replacement.
Charlotte, NC Goodman GMS Furnace Gas Furnace Installed
Local company wanted $3500 to install furnace only. Bought ours on eBay for $550, paid an off-hours crew $550 to install it for me. Saved a lot of money using the DIY method.
Scranton, PA Carrier 92% AFUE Installed Gas Furnace
Had system replaced during storm, and saved 10% of the furnace installation cost by signing a 2 year maintenance agreement for annual service.
St. Louis, MO Goodman GMVC95 Furnace Installed
Replaced old furnace with a Trane CX80, 80,000 btu gas furnace
Milwaukee, WI Goodman Furnace and Installation
Replaced our 12 year old Rheem furnace with a new Goodman 95% GMCV95 gas furnace. The 3 guys installing it had it done in a half-day in our basement. So thankful to have heat again.
Old Bridge, NJ Trane CX80 Furnace New Furnace Installed
Replaced old furnace with a Trane CX80, 80,000 btu gas furnace
Greenville, SC Trane Furnace and AC, Installed
Replaced our 16 year old, broken central hvac system with a new Trane system. Price was very fair for a good quality setup. Took 3 workers about a half day to get it done.
Des Moines, IA Carrier Infinity Furnace, Humidifier, Installed
Replaced our old Carrier gas furnace with a new, higher efficiency system. We added a dehumidifier to the duct as well, and it took 3 guys about 6 hours to complete the job.
Mooresville, NC Carrier HVAC System Furnace & AC, Installed
Decided to make the move to high efficiency and chose a Carrier Infinity system. Yes, the price was slightly higher than others, but from friends and family who have them, it seems like it is a good choice. Infinity Gas Furnace, 2-Stage AC unit, Coil, Humidifier and Thermostat. Took 3 guys 1 full day.
Twin Falls, ID Goodman Unit Gas Furnace, Installed
Coldest day of the year our heater broke. We called for repair and a new furnace heat exchanger (looked like cottage cheese) was going to cost more than $1500 installed, and we had to wait 4 days to get the parts in stock. For $900 more, they put in a new Goodman gas furnace the same day.
Newburgh, NY New Trane Furnace Furnace, Installed
We got 3 different Trane gas furnace price quotes, and each of the companies wanted to sell us a whole central hvacs system versus just the furnace installation. The guys we chose weren’t the cheapest, but we trusted them the most. 3 person crew, 5 hours. included some new duct that was bad, as well as a new programmable thermostat.
Lexington, NE Trane Replacement Furnace & AC, Installed
Merry Christmas right? Our heating system failed on Christmas morning, and the gas furnace replacement cost alone was almost 3 grand. Since the whole thing was more than 10 years old, we had it all replaced.
Greenfield, MA Replaced Bryant System Furnace, AC Coil, Installed
Details – Furnace would not start up last week so we got several quotes and finally settled on a Bryant forced air gas heat system.