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Since it’s beginnings in 1900 as a lantern seller, Coleman’s history with quality air products has continued to grow. During the Great Depression, Coleman started to manufacture gas floor furnaces and oil space heaters and by 1958 they entered into the HVAC business. Coleman’s name is now known for dependability, quality and efficiency.

As is the case with other top quality furnace suppliers, Coleman does not quote pricing of their products on their website. Here at the The Furnace Price Guide Website, we strive to gather the most recent information from consumers and professional contractors to help provide the most current pricing and information about Coleman furnaces.

Below we have compiled the average prices for Coleman electric and gas furnaces and have also included links to additional resources where you may find reviews and price information. If you’ve recently purchased a Coleman furnace, please provide your installation and cost information below so we can keep our information as up to date as possible.

Coleman 2020 – 2021 Furnace prices have been updated below as of January 2021.

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Coleman Furnace Price List Sorted by Type of Heat

Complete Heating
& Air Installed
Coleman Gas Furnace Prices
80% Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces
(Affinity YPLC, LX TM8X, Latitude TG8S)
80% AFUE, Variable and Multi-Speed Blower, 2-Stage
92-95% High Efficiency Gas Furnaces
95% AFUE and Higher Gas Furnaces
(Affinity YP9C, LX TM9Y, TM9T, TM9V, TM9M, Latitude TG9S, Echelon CP9C & CPLC)
Coleman Electric Furnaces (Called Air Handlers)
Standard Electric Furnaces
(Affinity AVV, AVC, Latitude AP)
$495 $1,799 $4,800
High Efficiency (Variable) Electric Furnaces
(Affinity MVC, LX AE, LX ME, Latitude MP )
Please note that every home has many items that could change how much you may pay for a new furnace or complete HVAC system. What we have provided are estimates only.

Learn More About Coleman Furnaces, or Get Price Quotes

More information about the Coleman company or what coupons, offers or rebates they are offering can be found at the links below. You will also find a convenient way to get several price quotes on furnace equipment and installation from qualified HVAC companies in your area.

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Visitor Submitted Coleman Prices

We appreciate all user submissions of the prices consumers have paid for their Coleman furnace or installation. Rest assured that no personal information will be included in our price comparison charts. We only provide the total price paid, location and details about the services performed.

Furnace Type
Type of Service
Sacramento, CA Affinity YP9C Replacement Furnace, installed
Youngstown, OH Affinity LX Replacement Furnace, installed $3,150
Greensboro, NC LX TM8T New Installation New Installation $4,385