Trane Furnace Prices, Listed by Size, Type, & Model Cost

My ThumbnailsTrane is one of the top-rated brands, and consistently makes the list of best high efficiency furnaces installed in the USA every year. They have a wide range of electric, oil and gas furnaces that are designed to meet the needs of almost everyone. Trane recommends speaking to an industry professional about choosing the right furnace for your specific home and needs, and when it comes to Trane furnace prices and costs, Trane states that pricing varies by the region where you live, rebates, installation costs and other components that might affect the cost of a Trane furnace.

The average price of a Trane furnace listed below, represent our own experience with Trane products, industry information obtained by Pro HVAC companies, and of course the actual prices paid by readers like yourself who have submitted the pricing information to us through various websites where we collect the data.

New Trane 2018 – 2019 Furnaces Prices updated below in January 2019.

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Trane Furnace Price List by Type

In order to provide an average furnace cost, a baseline must be used. We try to use the same standard for all furnaces on our site: 80,000 btu furnace with a 3-Ton (1200 cfm) blower, installed to a first floor utility room of a 1600-2000 sf home. This is about as common as it gets, without factoring in additional variables that can add or reduce the cost. In the column that includes a complete heating and cooling system, we assumed a 3-ton, standard efficiency 14 seer central air or heat pump installed with the Trane furnace.

Complete Heating
& Air Installed
Trane Gas Furnace Prices
80% Standard Efficiency Gas Furnace
(XT80, XR80, XL80, XC80, XB80)
80% AFUE, Variable Speed Blower
90% High Efficiency Gas Furnace
95% AFUE and Higher Gas Furnace
(XR95, XT95, XL95, XV95, XC95m, S9X2, S9V2)
Trane Oil Furnace Prices
80% AFUE Oil Furnaces
$1,990 $3,510 $6,255
85% & Higher AFUE Oil Furnace
$2,950 $3,970 $6,590
Trane Electric Furnace Prices (Air Handlers)
Standard Electric Furnaces
$1,060 $2,495 $5,250
High Efficiency Electric Furnaces
(Hyperion XB, Hyperion XR, Hyperion XL, Hyperion Communicating, M Series Communicating TEM8)
We can’t emphasize the importance of saying the prices above are only general estimates. Each home has it’s own set of unique characteristics that can change the price you pay for your new furnace or complete HVAC system.

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Our goal is to provide detailed and accurate Trane furnace pricing information, so you can make the right choices before buying a new home furnace. Please review the additional information below which can help you learn more about Trane furnaces and heating systems.

Do you know a resource for Trane furnace information that should be included on the list above? If so, please send us an email, or call from the phone number on our contact page. We’d love to hear about it!

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Visitor Submitted Trane Prices

The info below represents user submissions at our site, as well as information we gather from others on the web. The latest Trane furnace prices are listed on the top of the table of user submissions below.

Furnace Type
Type of Service
Du Bois, PA XV95 Replacement Gas furnace, Humidifier
Peoria, IL XB80 Furnace Replacement Gas Furnace Only, Installed
Old Bridge, NJ CX80, 80kbtu Replacement Gas furnace, Installed
Greenville, SC XL90 Furnace Replacement Furnace and AC
Cleveland, OH XB80 Gas Furnace Replacement Gas furnace, Installed
Manchester, NH XP80 Oil Furnace Replacement Furnace Only
Newburgh, NY XV95 Furnace Replacement Furnace, tstat, installation
Fairmont, MN XV95 Gas Furnace Replacement Furnace Only
Jasper, TN XV80 Gas Furnace Replaced Furnace & AC, Installed
Matthews, NC XB90 Gas Furnace Replacement Furnace, AC, Coil
Herndon, VA XR95 Furnace Replacement Furnace, installation
Chicopee, MA XV95 Furnace & AC Replacement Furnace, Central AC, All
Wilkesboro, NC XV95 Gas Furnace Replacement Furnace, AC, installation