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My ThumbnailsLennox furnaces have been proven, time and time again, to provide the reliability and performance from homeowners who demand the the highest quality for their home heating needs. Although Lennox does not provide furnace prices on their website or over the phone, we have put together price lists for oil, electric air handlers with heat strips and Lennox gas furnace prices from our own customers, other owners, and several leading resources available to industry professionals.

Along with out own sources of pricing, we allow visitors like yourself to submit the quotes you have received Lennox furnace prices from local dealers, or the cost you paid to have a new Lennox system installed in your home. Lennox provides a very good products and is confident in the quality of their furnaces. They provide each unit with the Good Housekeeping seal, assuring consumers of their reputation and customer satisfaction goals.

Lennox 2019-2020 Furnace Prices updated in below table December 2019.

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Types | Lennox Furnace Price List

In order to provide a fair price estimate that you can use to apply to your own Lennox furnace pricing, we need to start with a baseline. In this case, our baseline unit is an 80k btu furnace with a 1200 cfm (3-ton) fan blower. This system is the most common we have found installed in most homes that are between the 1600-2000 square feet range. This unit would also be a common choice for 2.5-3 ton AC units, so we have included a column in our Lennox furnace price list below, that includes central air, installed.

Complete Heating
& Air Installed
Lennox Gas Furnace Prices
80% Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces
(EL180E, ML180)
80% AFUE, Variable Speed Blower, 2-Stage
(SL280V, EL280)
90-94% High Efficiency Gas Furnaces (View the best furnaces)
(ML193, ML195)
95% AFUE and Higher Gas Furnaces
(EL195E, EL296V, EL296E, ML195, SLP98V)
Lennox Oil Furnace Prices
83% AFUE Oil Furnaces
(Elite EL0183)
$2,595 $4,220 $6,350
83% AFUE Variable Speed  Oil Furnace
(Signature, SL0183V SL0185V)
$3,170 $4,990 $7,665
Lennox Electric Furnaces (Called Air Handlers)
Standard Electric Furnaces
(Elite CBX27UH, CBX32M, Merit CBC25UH, CBX25UHV)
$820 $2,250 $4,450
High Efficiency (Variable) Electric Furnaces
(Signature CBX40UHV, CBX32MV, CBWMV)
We can’t emphasize the importance of saying the prices above are only general estimates. Each home has it’s own set of unique characteristics that can change the price you pay for your new furnace or complete HVAC system.

Learn More About Lennox Furnaces, or Get Price Quotes

If you want to learn more about Lennox, the company itself, or what rebates are currently being offered on Lennox furnaces, we have provided links below to help you get there. In addition, we have proved a way for you to get competitive price quotes on furnaces from qualified companies that service homes in your area.

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Visitor Submitted Lennox Prices

We receive many user submissions of the cost our customers and visitors have paid for Lennox furnaces. We remove any personal identifying information, and list the data in the comparison price list below. Along with the price paid, we collect Geographical location, furnace  details, type of service performed, as well as a basis of what was included in the cost.

Furnace Type
Type of Service
Chicago, IL Lennox SLP98V Replacement Furnace & AC, Installation
Streamwood, IL Lennox EL296V Replacement Furnace, Venting, Installed
Hendersonville, NC SLP98V Gas Furnace Replacement Furnace, Installation
Abbingdon, VA Signature Gas Furnace Replacement Furnace, AC and Coil
Dallas, TX Elite Gas Furnace Replacement Furnace, Central AC
Springfield, MA Elite Oil Furnace Replacement Furnace only
Charlotte, NC 80% Afue Gas Replacement Furnace and AC
Nashville, TN Standard 80 Gas Furnace Replacement Furnace only