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With over 100 years of quality service, Heil is well known for producing products that are not only reliable, but also have high efficiency ratings.  Each Heil system is 100% run tested and backed by an exceptional warranty so you can rest assured you are getting a quality product every time. At the Furnace Price Guide Website, we gather consumer information as well as reach out to industry professionals to compile timely information on the cost of Heil furnaces.

Heil oil and gas furnace average pricing is listed below, as well as helpful information and resources where you can find anything you need to know about Heil products. Take some time to look around and read the reviews before you make the decision on the best system for your needs. Have you recently purchased a Heil furnace? Please take time to provide us information about your installation and how much you paid. It helps us help other consumers make their decision!

Below pricing table updated January 2021 with current 2020 – 2021 Heil Furnace Prices.

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Heil Furnace Price List (Type of Furnaces)

To provide you with a median price estimate we started with the baseline pricing for a Heil furnace. In the examples below, we have used an 80k BTU furnace that includes a 3 ton 1200 cfm fan blower. A unit of this type is most commonly used and installed in homes around 1500-2100 sq feet. Since most consumers will also have an air conditioning unit installed at the same time, we included cost comparisons below that include central air and furnace installed.

Complete Heating
& Air Installed
Heil Gas Furnace Prices
80% Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces
(QuietComfort G8MTL, Performance N8MSN)
80% AFUE, Variable and Multi-Speed Blower, 2-Stage
(QuietComfort G8MVL, Performance N8MXL)
92-95% High Efficiency Gas Furnaces
(Performance N9MSB, N9MSE)
96%+ AFUE and Higher Gas Furnaces
(QuietComfort G9MAE, G9MVE, G9MXT, G9MXE)
Heil Oil Furnace Prices
85% – 87% AFUE Oil Furnaces
(Performance OMF, OLR, OUF, OLF)
$1,695 $5,195 $8,295
85-87% AFUE Variable Speed Oil Furnace
(QuietComfort OLV, OMV, NOMV)
We can’t emphasize the importance of saying the prices above are only general estimates. Each home has it’s own set of unique characteristics that can change the price you pay for your new furnace or complete HVAC system.

Learn More About Heil Furnaces

The links we have provided for you below can help if you would like more information about Heil , the equipment they sell and also coupons, discounts and rebate information. If you are in need of a new gas furnace, we have also included a link where you you can get timely quotes from companies that are qualified and service your area.

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Visitor Submitted Heil Furnace Prices

If you decide to submit your installation, you have our promise that names and other identifying information will never be used in our price comparison charts. All we collect is your location, details of the service you were provided and the price you paid for your Heil furnace.

Furnace Type
Type of Service
Miami, FL Variable-Speed G8MVL Gas Furnace Replacement Furnace Only
Greensboro, NC 96% Gas Furnace & AC Replacement Furnace and AC System
Springfield, MA 80% AFUE Single Stage Performance Replacement Furnace, AC and Coil
Atlanta, GA Performance N9MSB Replacement Furnace Only
Cedar Rapids, IA 95% Gas Furnace Replacement Furnace only